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What’s up you guys? It’s Courtney, it's Ryan! Here for your Mobile Market Update on Monday! Courtney, what town are we cruising through today?? Today we are Santee because we spent all weekend there. Yes, helping two different buyers. Yes, the motto is actually, sustainable Santee.
I love it. I know you already knew that.
On the market, there are 49 options to choose from. 82 have sold in the last 30 days alone. The average price is $567,000. Those days on market are only 13, so less than 2 weeks on the market. Buyers are paying over the List Price, on average 101% of the list price! What a great market. Competitive, but great. If you're looking for more information, just give us a call. Bye you guys!

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Courtney Valletta & Ryan Woods

🚗💨 Mobile Market Update | City of Santee | 92071

The city of Santee is known as “Sustainable Santee” for all its environmental efforts to be more sustainable! 🌳 ♻️ 🗑

🏠 : 49 Active Homes
🔑 : 82 Sold in the last 30 days
⏰ : 13 Days on the Market
🏷 : 101% of the List Price
$567,000: Average sales price