Should I Submit A Backup Offer?

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You may be in a multiple counter-offer situation when buying a property and the Seller may decide to go with a different Buyer. You're asking yourself if you should submit a backup offer to be in the 1st position if the original Buyer happens to cancel. The good news, in CA, the Buyer has contingencies in place to protect you in case your plans change as well. The decision is up to you! Here's something to consider, if the 1st Buyer does cancel and the Listing Agent comes back to you and your Buyer to see if you're still interested...this is a great opportunity to re-negotiate the Purchase Price. 

🖋PENDING! Pacific Beach, CA

Everything happens for a reason...right?

Over 160+ Buyers ‘favorited’ this property! The Seller received multiple offers...ABOVE the Listing Price.(🙄) We had to break the bad news to our Buyer that the Seller decided to go with someone else. (This hurts, big time.)
After a week, the OG Buyer decided to cancel ❌ the OUR Buyer a chance to move forward, after re-negotiating the price of course. 😏

Life happens and sometimes it’s out of our control, but when the opportunity comes back around, it’s OK to take it. 👍🏼


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